About Premier Training

I had a fortunate up-bringing; being surrounded by my father who was a professional football player. My grandfather who was inducted into the BC hall of fame for coaching. As well my own desire to play competitive sports.

This alone doesn’t make someone a good trainer, but what it can do, is expose you to the commitment and drive to have what it takes to achieve winning results and that is what Premier Training does. It is passing on a legacy of success.

Hi, my name is Amber Skemp, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach that works in the Whiterock, South Surrey and Langley areas. Personal training is a passion of mine, you will feel that energy in all of my classes. We will set goals and together we will achieve them.

Youth training and why Premier training. Well, you may have heard the saying, everything is bigger in Texas. There is a lot of truth to that! Sports programs in Texas are extremely competitive and produce many collegiate and professional standouts. This is where I turned to learn as much as I could. To learn what top youth competitive athletes in Texas are doing for their training. In turn, bring that training to the lower mainland.

I have and continue to work with a retired select soccer coach in Texas to put together weight and speed training programs for young athletes modeled after Texas Youth sports competition.